About me?

I am a Digital Designer, with about 6 years of experience. In my current position I am the Head of Design. I design, develop and review the overall design of the product and brand, along with its consistency.
The skills that brought me to this position have been several, and have been developed over the years.
I am perserverant and consistent. I donĀ“t believe on suddendly achieve great, but on working hard and smart to achieve exceptional. I started designing for web, and developing my own websites. As web design developed over the years, I learnt more about HCI, and human psychology towards machines, colours, and typography, to achieve a better final product.
I firmly believe that what makes a designer better, is knowing the tools that will create the design. I never stop developing. With the introduction of RWD, I learnt the importance or hierarchy which strongly translated to native phone applications in my later work.


2014 - ...

Head of Design

Designing and developing the web presence of a mobile payment company.
Designing the inteface and usability of the native mobile app.

Comcarde - Bridge

2013 - 2014

Senior Designer

Designing for a series of products from the NHS.


2012 - 2014

Web Designer and Developer

Designing and developing websites for the marketing studio and its clients.


2011 - 2012

Web App Designer

Designing the interface of a network for professors and students.



February 2016


UX Club

February 2016


UX Club