Berg´s interface improvement

Cloudwash: the connected washing machine from Berg on Vimeo.

Even UX is a word that's been used since the beginning of times, in order to make products usable and effortless is gaining more and more popularity now, and it's making people think about their users as humans and not as just money income when it comes to a business...

I am very interested on how now, after seeing huge improvements in web and phone etc.. starts to improve the way we interact with every day technologies... I am impressed and I find it a very good solution for the washing machine interface the way they approached it, it could have gone completely to a digital experience it could have all been sent to a phone app... they way they clearly decided where the middle point was and thought about the noise, and the sharing houses etc.. makes a simple washing machine be more attractive to me now than some other appliances for the home, not to speak more interesting that other washing machines!

Simple always wins.