Points - Pixels - Em - Rems... maths..

I must say that if there are many reason for which I like Photoshop there is this one in particular that I don't know why they don't change, and that definitely I do not like.

Points.. Photoshop uses points to arrange things like the font's size, line height, letter space... I am sure points are very useful for other things, but I believe that specially nowadays when design and front end are so connected this disconnection makes no sense as there is no specific translation in between points and pixels, there is an average of pixels that would cover a point... and that is it..

I much prefer Sketch App in this case ( and in many others ) when it comes to web design to Photoshop. But, on the meantime, since I am not always allowed to use Sketch.app for all the projects, I leave here for the future, and for those who can find it useful a few webs that translate points to pixels, so in the case your putting together one of this very useful ;) style guides for your beloved front end... here you have some useful information... { if you pass them the info in points, don't complain later on about how the end result looks like...... }

Page 1 - http://reeddesign.co.uk/test/points-pixels.html

Page 2 - http://www.endmemo.com/sconvert/pixelpoint.php( my favorite I must say )

Page 3 - http://www.google.com